Love is ageless to these senior cats

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  • Princess Belle

  • Chowder

  • Patrick

There are many different types of love: the love of a parent for a child or a child for a parent; the love of a partner or spouse from first love to senior love; and the love we have for our pets. Love is ageless.

There are three older cats who have not had the opportunity to be someone's cherished older pet and companion. They are hopeful that someone will love them for who they are now.

Chowder is a nine-year-old cat that not only has to find someone special who does not care about his age but who will also not care that his fur is black. Black cats are always the last to be adopted. Chowder needs a gel supplement each day mixed with his food to keep his system regular.

Chowder was given his name because he is like a proper Bostonian gentlemen and chowder is a much-loved New England-area staple. Chowder also has the "New Englander" reserve and can be a bit grumpy. He may just be grumpy because he is living the second half of his life in a shelter.

Patrick is a 10-year-old orange and white tabby. He has not been happy being at the shelter and considers it "being in prison." He is waiting for someone to come and bail him out and take him home. He became so unhappy that he hid in corners and stopped eating. He is now in foster care with one of the shelter's volunteers and is very happy. He is eating well, running around and playing. He has a lot of spunk and energy. Age is only a number and he needs a home of his own so he can be loved and give love in return.

The last older cat is the youngest of the group. Pretty, pretty Princess Belle is only eight-years-old. She is a very petite black and white tuxedo cat who loves people and will stand on her back legs to head bonk a hand reaching to pet her. She gives "hi-tens" and rubs against legs, all to get someone's attention. Belle has a sensitive stomach and is given Science Diet brand hairball dry cat food. She likes any of the major brands of canned cat food. Belle came into the shelter with two sisters, Princess Aurora and Princess Jasmine. They have both been adopted. She is now the only Princess left.

For more information about Chowder, Patrick and Princess Belle, call the shelter at 973-728-2859 or visit with links to the shelter's two facebook pages. Or stop by the shelter to visit, but let them know if you'd like to visit Patrick since he's still in foster care.

The shelter is located on Lycosky Drive behind the Recycling Center.

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