'Give A Goat' raises thousands

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  • Here are the super teams: the Minions, Macopin Gladiators, Battle-Rinas and Destroyers of Anarchy.

  • Students participated in the night too. Here they are eating whipped cream pies, much to the delight of the super teams and each other.

  • The Saran Wrap race is fun to watch. Not so sure if it's fun to participate in.

  • Photos by Patricia Keller Teams attempted to play basketball while dressed in heavy fireman's gear as one of the activities at Give A Goat Night.

  • The Macopin gym was packed with over 450 attendees for the Give A Goat Night.

  • The fireman basketball game has the competitors dress in heavy fireman's gear and play basketball.

  • Krista Provost, one of the MACC advisors, represents her gladiator team in the leap frog competition here.

  • He can't believe he ate all that pizza! Joe Andriulli finishes off some pizza as a student looks on, sort of in disbelief.

  • The Macopin Minions came out on top after all the fun and crazy competition.

  • The Macopin Gladiators

  • The Destroyers of Anarchy

  • The Battle-Rinas

Charities near and far benefit

West Milford MACC Disaster Relief Fund - MACC will donate $500 to this local charity that benefits residents of West Milford. This is a disaster relief fund the MACC started last fall following Hurricane Sandy.
Ranchers Relief - MACC will donate $500 to this national charity started to aid farmers in Western South Dakota who lost their cattle, horses and sheep during a blizzard last October.
World Vision - MACC will donate 30 goats to this global charity. This brings the MACC to their goal total of 100 goats donated over the past four years through their annual Give a Goat Night charity fundraising event.


The annual Give a Goat Night, hosted by Macopin Middle School’s Make a Change Club (MACC), raised over $4,000 this year for its charities.

About 450 people came out for this fun event, according to MACC advisor Krista Provost, which was held on Friday, Jan. 31, in the Macopin gym. Attendees paid $10 and were treated to a slice of pizza, a drink, and a desert from the MACC bake sale, as well as a few hours of entertainment courtesy of the middle school teachers

Super teams make it fun
Staff members of Macopin School once again competed in “super teams” for Give a Goat Night, each complete with their own theme and costumes. Provost said over 30 teachers volunteered their time to participate on the super teams, and an additional 10 to 15 teachers also attended that night to support their fellow colleagues or assist the MACC students throughout the night.

“This event truly demonstrates the dedicated staff at Macopin, and helps to show how close the staff are with one another and it's amazing to see such support,” said Provost. The MACC purchased a bagel breakfast for the staff as a thank you, and also supplied cake the following week for everyone to enjoy.

The evening’s events
The evening began with the traditional Give a Goat Night field hockey game featuring the girls field hockey team against the boys football team. This year, the girls emerged victorious with the winning goal scored in the final moments of the game. The final score was 2-1.

Next were the super team competitions. The teacher teams competed in a firefighter-gear laden basketball hoops contest, a team leap-frog race, a fitness obstacle course relay, a Saran-wrapped teacher race, a pizza eating contest, a Ritz cracker communication challenge, and “Protect the Pins” Midwest-style dodgeball games. Students from the audience were also chosen to compete in a whipped cream pie eating contest.

Competition results

The Macopin Minions took first place for the night with a total score of 650 points. The Destroyers of Anarchy came in a close second with 600 points. The Macopin Gladiators scored 475 points for third, leaving the Battle-Rinas team in fourth with 275 points.

As an added incentive for the teams to compete, there were rewards and consequences attached to where they placed for the night. The first place team (Minions) received individual plaques and a breakfast that the third place team (Gladiators) purchased for them. The second place team (Destroyers of Anarachy) got off easy - nothing happened to them. The third place team members (Gladiators) each brought in a breakfast for one of the Minions. And the fourth place team (Battle-Rinas) will be sleeping on the roof of Macopin School following the school’s monthly Activity Night in May.

Provost said the students were talking a lot about Give a Goat Night.

“Many students came up to me throughout the day (the first day back after the event) and asked how many goats we are donating and how much we will be sending to the national and local projects,” Provost said. “It's great to see the student body showing such concern and support as well. The MACC is making great changes!”

For more photos, go to westmilfordmessenger.com.

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