Fifth grade students in Melissa Keil and Shannon Ricker's classes at Paradise Knoll Elementary School recently took part in a Super Bowl project in math. The students' assignment was to host a virtual Super Bowl party where they had $200 to spend without exceeding that price. Each student had to keep accounting sheets of their expenditures as they browsed through circulars and coupons in an effort to maximize buying power. Each accounting sheet had to be included on their individual posters as separate entities in categories that included: main food, beverages, snacks, appetizers, dessert, and decorations. Students were given two math class periods to work on their project, as well as time during library, to create graphs and charts to exemplify their expenditures. A special thanks to Media Specialist Maureen Selleroli for her assistance in helping to create these visual components. It's great to make real life connections when we learn! Math is fun in West Milford.