Who's your Mudder?

School staff members raise money for Futures Against Violence

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  • Participants include: Linda Begley, Cheryl Botsolas, Missy Cavagnino, Amy Cochran, Linda Connolly, Nicole D’Elio, Leslie Finke, Lori Kelley, Fran Kulak, Lydia Laba, Michelle Lugerner, Kelly McCourt, Cheri Orlando, Krista Provost, Trish Schmicker, Jeanine Stark, Cheryl Stark, Karen Szura, and Sam Szura. Macopin principal Mary Reinhold and colleague Joan Schaap attended the event and cheered the teamon.

  • This is the team before the Mudderella began.

  • During the race, members of the team went through several obstacle course stations.

On Saturday, May 10, a group of 21 West Milford School District female teachers and staff joined forces to raise money for "Futures Against Violence," a national non-profit organization that is working towards preventing and ending domestic violence while supporting those affected by it. And they did it in a most interesting way.

They competed in the New York/New Jersey Mudderella at Raceway Park in Englishtown. The five-mile course consisted of 13 obstacles including I Got Your Back, Black Widow, New Heights, and Ground Hog Day. As some of the obstacles' names suggest, the course promoted the staff to join together to help each other through the obstacles, both mentally and physically.

As team Who’s Your Mudder tackled each obstacle on their hands and knees in mud, they used all of their inner strength and teamwork to make it to the finish line. With over 13,000 participants attending the Mudderella, all of the women involved worked together to help one another through the obstacles. This event taught each of them to remain strong and that if they work hard together, anything is possible. The message they got from this Mudderella? Anything is possible, especially after hearing of the obstacles women and children of domestic violence face each and every day. People affected by domestic violence can overcome any challenge with the support and strength from others around them.

In training
A group of teachers and secretaries from West Milford High School and Macopin Middle School put their team together back in October and started training weekly for the Mudderella. They trained by working as a team after school, performing various core strengthening exercises, interval sprints, and jogging drills. The age range was 18 to 60 years old, and these women motivated each other to discover their inner strength.

Following the race, the team went to a staff member's shore house for a BBQ, of course after everyone showered, and shared their experience of the race together. The ladies focused on the importance of teamwork and the power of motivation - from each other and within themselves. They were proud of their accomplishment, never thinking they would be able to run the race and participate in the obstacles, however, the team was prepared and each member successfully finished the race, just a little muddy!

The Who's Your Mudder team has many to thank, including their colleagues, friends and family; a special thanks goes to Bob Weidmann and his third period advanced graphics class for designing the printing the team shirts.

This probably won't be the end of the Who's Your Mudder team. Members are looking forward to getting down and dirty and participating in the Mudderella again next year

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