The West Milford Animal Shelter is hosting its annual Love-a-Pawlooza adoption event to celebrate the love people and pets have for each other.

The term lollapalooza is a word that has had many different meanings but has become a slang word that is used to highlight an event that is outstanding and exciting. It's most common current use is as the name of a music festival. It is also used to signify an extraordinary or unusual thing, person, or event. Palooza can be used to highlight a school reading event, Read-a-Palozza, or the opening of a new park, Park-a-Palooza, or any event that is special in its own way.

The shelter's Love-a-Pawlooza is such a special event. All of the homeless cats and dogs at the shelter are in need of a special love, a special companion, a special friend. They need someone to share their unconditional love and joy with. Someone they can love and who will love them in return. They need a special valentine.

The official start date of the event is Wednesday, Feb. 1, and will run through the month of February.

The volunteers at the shelter are hoping this special event will help find homes for all the cats and dogs at the shelter. There are currently 13 cats and three dogs in need of homes and families.

What would make this event extra special would be for all 16 to be adopted! Every single one.

One of the available cats is a tiny tiger cat named Haley. She arrived at the shelter with four tiny kittens and she was just a kitten herself at barely a year old. And despite intensive supportive care, three of the kittens failed to thrive and crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. Haley was very devoted to her one surviving kitten, Hardy. He recently became a member of his own loving home, so now Haley is alone. After such a rough beginning, Haley deserves a happy new beginning. Her own Love-a-Pawlooza!

The shelter is located on Lycosky Drive (behind recycling). For information call 973-728-2859, or go to facebook/The Real Cats at WMASS, facebook/The West Milford Animal Shelter or