The West Milford Democratic County Committee is seeking two candidates to run for seats on the West Milford Town Council and other Democrats to serve as members of the West Milford Democratic County Committee. Those interested in serving should submit a letter of interest and schedule a candidate screening, which will be held on Saturday, Feb. 18, beginning at noon at the home of CarlLa Horton, 132 Bearfort Road, West Milford.

“We’re looking for local council candidates who will think independently and put the interests of the town first, while providing the critical checks and balances needed against an all-Republican council," said CarlLa Horton, co-leader of the West Milford Democratic County Committee. "Our county committee members also look more broadly. If you believe that Citizens United undermines democracy, that gerrymandering deprives voters of their rights, that women should control their own bodies, that climate change is real, and that elected or appointed officials must have experience, minimum competencies, and avoid conflicts of interest, we invite you to join with us. It’s time to move beyond marches and social media posts to the grassroots activism that democracy truly requires.”

For further information, contact Horton at 973-728-0579 or