Sometimes a homeless cat or dog, waiting at the West Milford Animal Shelter for their new forever home and family, does not have to wait very long. They are quickly adopted. Sometimes they wait a few weeks or a few months. But they too are adopted. There are always a few that wait a lot longer.

There is a petite and very pretty cat named Millie that has been waiting the longest - for over a year. There have been potential adopters who have liked her but then decide to adopt another cat. Not because they didn't like Millie but because they thought the other cat was the better choice for them.

Millie sometimes seems to have a standoffish attitude and then other times she wants to greet people and becomes overly excited. She has been at the shelter for so long that she now seems to have trust issues. She wants attention, and she wants it badly. When she is given attention, she can be very loving and then swat the hand that is petting her. When a volunteer has time and can sit quietly with her, she rewards them with gentle caresses and purrs. She will stay with the volunteer until another cat comes along and tries to get the volunteer's attention. Then she gives up. There have been other cats like this at the shelter and once they become secure in a home of their own, they have become loving companions. They just needed to feel safe and loved.

Millie is spayed and up-to-date with all medical needs and inoculations.

Any pet adopted during the month of February goes home with a gift bag with food and toys. Their gift to you is unconditional love, friendship, and companionship.

The shelter is located on Lycosky Drive (behind recycling). For information, call 973-728-2859 or check out facebook/The Real Cats at WMASS or facebook/The West Milford Animal Shelter.