We are not losing jobs to the Mexicans or the Chinese; and manufacturing jobs are not coming back to the U.S. We are losing them to the robots.

Not once during the 2016 campaign did I hear Candidate Trump, Clinton or Sanders talk about the impact of Artificial Intelligence or robotics' impact on unemployment. Fortune, CNN Money, The Economist, report 47 percent of jobs will be lost to robots by 2033. In December of 2016, the Obama White House said the jobs of cashiers and drivers will be lost to robots. By 2020, 10 percent of cars will be self-driving. By 2030, if you drive for UPS, the USPS, Fed Ex, a taxi, a bus, or a big rig, you are out of a job. Business Insider says there will be 75 percent unemployment by 2099.

Google the 90 second YouTube video The Fourth Industrial Revolution. Google articles on robotics and job losses.

If we lose 50 percent of workers, we lose 50 percent of our tax base. What kind of economic system will we live under? The New Yorker says we will need a B.U.I. or a Basic Universal Income for the unemployed created by robotics. I wish we had leadership brave enough to talk about how we will live in the 4th Industrial Revolution. Stephen Hawking says, “I am more afraid of capitalism than robots.”

Hawking, Alan Musk, Bill Gates and Mark Cuban are talking about this. I am not hearing Congress, the Senate, President Trump or the editors of newspapers or unions talking about this. I hope the public will call and write and demand that all those listed get their heads out of the sand and educate, lead for major changes just around the corner.

Jim Geist