Last August the voters of West Milford were betrayed when our Assemblywoman Betty Lou Decroce voted for the insane 159 percent increase to the New Jersey Gas Tax. When we all voted to send Betty Lou DeCroce to Trenton, we thought we were voting for someone who shared our conservative values and would fight for lower taxes and relief from the adverse impact of the Highlands Act. I recall many colorful mailers promising these goals, all with her photo dead center. Instead, we got hoodwinked, as Betty Lou DeCroce has done nothing but exacerbate the ridiculous tax burdens suffered by all New Jersey residents.

I think its high time we send a message to the fake politicians in Trenton. It is no longer okay to just say you are a conservative without towing the line. It’s no longer okay to ignore the middle class voter and the tax burdens you politicians create, until you have a strong election challenge. This June, we can send a message to all the "tax and spend" incumbents in Trenton, including Betty Lou DeCroce, by sending new conservative voices to Trenton that will fight for us, the taxpayers of New Jersey.

We need to be clear with all other politicians who are seeking office, this kind of blind "tax and spend" behavior is no longer acceptable. To date, not a single local Republican official has denounced her vote. It is time to step up to the plate and speak out against a politician who raised the gas tax on a bedroom community that must extensively rely on automobile transportation. Are our local Republican representatives also tone-deaf to the plight of West Milford residents? Anyone who is running on the same ballot line as any politician who voted for the gas tax increase simply doesn't care about the hard working. over-taxed residents of New Jersey.

So this June, remember who cost you that extra money at the gas pump, remember who condones it, and vote accordingly for a better New Jersey.

Daniel J. Poeschl

West Milford