The volunteers at the West Milford Animal Shelter spend a lot of time caring for the homeless animals at the shelter. And while a large portion of their time is spent taking care of their basic needs, such as providing food, water, clean living conditions, clean bedding, clean litter boxes and numerous walks, they also find time to get to know the animals. This helps when someone is interested in adopting and the volunteers can suggest which cat, dog or kitten might be the right match for them.

Currently there is a cat at the shelter who is known for not liking other cats. Her name is Jamie and her photo has been featured once before in the West Milford Messenger. And she is now known as the cat who has been at the shelter the longest.

When Jamie first arrived at the shelter, she did not like anyone - human, feline or canine. It took a long time for her to finally feel loved and she started to like the volunteers - and their laps! Whenever she has the chance, she spends a lot of time in the lap of her favorite volunteer, Cindy.

Jamie has one of the shelter's catteries (a large area with a fenced in and covered patio) to herself because so many cats and kittens have found their new forever homes. That is about to change. In about two weeks, there will be at least 12 new cats and kittens available for adoption and Jamie will loose her special space and will have to go into a cage.

That is, unless someone thinks Jamie is their perfect match. Jamie is a beautiful cat with white markings and stunning eyes. She takes a little while to get to know someone but once she does, she loves to spend time with them.

Jamie needs someone who wants to spend time with her and who wants her to be their one and only feline friend.

To meet Jamie, visit the shelter on Lycosky Drive (behind recycling), call 973-728-2859 or visit the shelter's facebook page at facebook/The Real Cats at WMASS.