— Proposals for the sale of the West Milford Municipal Utilities Authority (MUA) are currently being solicited and will be opened at 10 a.m. on June 27 at the West Milford Municipal Building.

A legal advertisement announcing the sale appeared on Thursday in the Herald News, official advertising source for the township.

A statement in the advertisement stipulates that the sale of the systems will not take place unless authorized by the legal voters of the township at the next general election on Nov. 7.

The notice said that if the sale is approved by the voters, the parties will be required to comply with terms of the agreement of sale in accord with the bid price.

The township is accepting proposals for the sale of the Water and Wastewater Utility Systems currently operated by the MUA collectively.

The sale includes water treatment plants, water condition systems and wastewater treatment and collection systems constituting the entire water and wastewater utility.

Requests for proposals are available for purchase at $75 per set at the township clerk’s office.

The township got involved after the MUA was told by the state that the authority could not sell the utility because they deviated from state statues. With service for 1,700 customers in jeopardy, the township was brought in, as suggested by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection and the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs.

Township Attorney Fred Semrau said the only way to effectuate the sale of the aging MUA facilities was for the township to conduct and administer the sale. The MUA commissioners, who planned to conduct the sale themselves, have agreed to have the township facilitate the sale.

Builders came into the township and built private water systems for the developments prior to 1964 with the MUA, “an autonomous body” without connection to the township was created.

There are six of these systems still presently serving the 1,700 customers who remain dependent on them for their service. The rest of the township property owners continue to be served by their own individual well and septic systems.