In light of the recent meeting of CASA at town hall, I would like readers to consider the following: so called "substance abuse" is and should be a private health issue not something that government (even locally) should be involved with.

If a person has weight issues, would there be a community meeting about "food abuse?" Of course not! This is just more hysteria fueled by the "War on Drugs," which in reality is a war on free choice.

This is nothing new. When I was in West Milford High School from 1968 to 1972, the big drug "menace" was marijuana which was going to end civilization as we knew it, according to the anti-drug crusaders back then. Well, it didn't happen, and now most people favor legalization of marijuana, and so it will be with other substances that the politicians, bureaucrats, cops and their media allies don't want people putting into their bodies.

America, the last time I checked, was still supposed to be a free society in which the individual owns his or her own body and should be the one making decisions (for better or for worse) as to what you do to yourself. Self ownership is the cornerstone of individual liberty, anything less than that is the basis for every authoritarian and totalitarian "ism" that has ever blighted human history.

Once again, don't be conned into giving up your rights because of some "crisis," real or imagined!

Mark Richards

West Milford