The Greenwood Lake Commission's stump reduction project will commence next week, either on Wednesday, Aug. 9 or Thursday, Aug. 10, according to Paul Zarrillo, a commissioner with the group.

The project will take place in the area on the west side of Fox Island and near Sportsmans and Moosehead Marinas on Greenwood Lake.

The commission received one response to its request for proposals, which was issued earlier this year, for the project. That response was from a company in Georgia that is able to cut the stumps while under water. The 1,000 to 1,200 stumps that remain were from the trees being cut for the expansion of Greenwood Lake about 180 years ago. This year's project to reduce the remaining stumps will complete the commission's efforts that started in 2007, when they were able to reduce about 2,000 stumps, after receiving $100,000 from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection.

"The Greenwood Lake Commission and surrounding communities are very thankful to NJDEP Commissioner (Bob) Martin and his staff for obtaining the $84,350 needed to complete this 10-year project," according to a press release by the commission. "Reducing the stumps to lakebed levels clears major obstacles that have presented a dangerous safety issue for swimmers, skiers, tubers and boaters for all these years. By cutting the stumps, that area of the lake will have two to three feet of additional unobstructed water for everyone to enjoy, without the fear of being hurt or having one's boat damaged."

The project is estimated to take up to two weeks to complete, with the contractor likely to be working from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., seven days a week.

The Greenwood Lake Commission requests boaters to use the east side of Fox Island when boating on the New Jersey area of Greenwood Lake during this project. Those who need to boat on the west side of Fox Island are urged to use caution and to go very slowly.

"The Commission appreciates everyone's continued support in our efforts to make your experiences on Greenwood Lake as safe and enjoyable as possible, especially with our very limited resources," the release noted.

Greenwood Lake supplies water to more than three million residents and thousands of businesses daily.

To learn more about the Greenwood Lake Commission or to make a donation, go to, email or call 973-506-7800.