Republic made it just fine without FBI, CIA

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Dear Editor of The Messenger,

In your Viewpoints section of the Jan. 12 issue of The Messenger you carried speeches by Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy both of whom were assassinated in 1968. Yours truly was in the 8th grade when those events shook America to the core, I recall debating my teachers who wanted us to believe that the assassins were "lone nuts " and not part of any conspiracy that may have involved our own government. Martin Luther King was under FBI surveillance ( ironically ordered by then Attorney General Robert Kennedy in the early 1960s) and was being harassed by FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover who hated King and the Kennedys. This is just another example of why government power can't be trusted regardless of who is in office. Our Republic made it from 1787 to 1924 without a FBI or a CIA or any of the other unconstitutional agencies that have followed over the years that spy on Americans and harass them regardless of who they are or where they are on the political spectrum. One of the Libertarian groups I support is "The Future of Freedom Foundation" ( ), they have been running an ongoing series of articles on the violations of the Constitution by the various components of the Federal Governments national security apparatus, I would encourage all readers to read up on what our leaders have been doing to us going back decades, I should warn you it doesn't make for pleasant reading, then again the truth seldom does!

Mark Richards

West Milford

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