NJ Organization for Economic Growth adds two new board members

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  • Photos provided Lisa LoBiondo

  • Karen Arakelian

The Organization For Economic Growth (OEG) announced two new members to its Executive Board of Directors.

Lisa LoBiondo, of Montville, will serve as the Director of Morris County Operations for the OEG Political Action Committee and Karen Arakelian, also of Montville, will serve as the organization’s Director of Finance.

The OEG was formed in December and is dedicated to supporting, policies, political candidates and office holders that advance job creation and economic expansion. The OEG is chaired by Joseph Caruso, a corporate executive and Wayne resident who launched the organization to engage with policy makers and mobilize residents concerned about economic and tax issues.

LoBiondo is an active leader in Morris County politics and will manage the day-to-day organizational activities in selected Morris County municipalities. She will also serve as a direct liaison between the organization and the area's political leaders.

“Lisa is committed to advancing a pro-growth agenda and has a proven track record of getting things done," Chairman Caruso said. "In the current political landscape we need people who will work for change in New Jersey, not people who talk about change."

Arakelian is a successful New Jersey business owner who has been engaged in local and regional politics.

"Karen's business experience and her unbelievable energy and commitment will help OEG promote its pro-economic message and to rally support for candidates that support policies that further economic growth in New Jersey," Caruso said. “Karen is a great addition to our team and I believe she will be a terrific ambassador for our cause."

LoBiondo said she was glad to be working with a new organization dedicated to advancing a pro-growth, low tax message.

“As a taxpayer and lifelong New Jersey resident, I am concerned about the future of our state," LoBiondo said. "I am excited to have this opportunity to be working with people who are truly committed to changing the disastrous course that state politicians have charted for us.

"Regardless of political affiliation," LoBiondo continued, "we need more people to join the fight against the policies that are killing jobs and hurting taxpayers."

Arakelian said she is attracted to the dedication that Caruso and NJOEG are bringing to the political scene.

"As a business owner, I love the passion that Joe Caruso and the OEG are bringing to the vital issues of taxes and economic growth," Arakelian said.

"I speak regularly with many business owners who are very concerned about the state's regulatory and tax policies and their impact on New Jersey's ability to attract capital investment and create well-paying jobs," Arakelian added. "I am concerned about the state's economic future and its impact on our young people - many of whom are fleeing this state because of its bad economics."

To learn more about the NJ OEG visit NJOEG.com or Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/StrengthThroughIndustry/

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