Community rallies to save West Milford pump track

Owner seeking help to keep one-of-a-kind circuit open

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  • Photos courtesy of WM Family Pump Track The West Milford Family Pump Track is a one-of-a-kind dirt bike track.

  • Joey, age 10, enjoys a ride on the pump track.


One of the most unique and fun-filled attractions in West Milford Township is the West Milford Family Pump Track, an off-road terrain bike circuit of banked turns and features designed to be ridden completely by riders "pumping."

Riders start off on a sloped starting mound and the momentum carries them along. The track is located at Farrell Field on a municipal athletic field complex attracts riders of all ages.

Most recently an 82-year-old grandfather enjoyed a ride with his grandchildren. During the school year, around 150 children can be seen utilizing the dirt track. During the summer months, around 300 kids per week can be enjoy a fun afternoon on the slopes, attracting riders both in the West Milford area and as far away as Pennsylvania and New York.

"The Township of West Milford has been extremely generous in their ongoing support for the WM Pump track," Primary Coordinator Jay Huggins said. "Unfortunately with insurance issues and without 'a call for action,' I am lacking for answers on how to proceed with keeping the pump track open."

Currently, the West Milford Family Pump track is the only pump track located in the state of New Jersey.

"This is a one of a kind track," Huggins said.

With over 3,000 followers on The West Milford Family Pump track Facebook page, the pump track community is coming together to save the pump track. The track also provides birthday parties and hosts other fun family-friendly events throughout the year.

"It's not a competitive environment and it keeps kids away from screen time. It shows kids how to be independent," Huggins said. "Ultimately I would like to make this a passive outdoor recreational goal of keeping the pump track open at no charge to the township."

The pump track also encourages families to keep the money in the town of West Milford by supporting local business such as Dairy Queen and Fox Island Creamery, two local favorites amongst the youngsters and adults alike.

The West Milford Family Pump Track is run entirely by volunteers.

For more information on the The West Milford Family Pump Track contact or call 845-893-3965. Find The West Milford Family Pump Track on Facebook and Youtube.

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