Remembering mom this Mother's Day

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Life was different when I was a teenager. My dad worked nights and slept during the day and mom did not drive a car.

My brothers and I usually played softball, football or tennis outside in the fresh air. Wii and video games were nonexistent.

My mother kept the house clean and did yard work. Dad was available on weekends and was involved in Little League and umpiring. He also was a great bowler.

I had three brothers and played tackle football with the neighborhood boys. We always seemed to do things with dad.

I never gave mom much credit for keeping house and handling the schedules. I remember giving dad credit for coaching us. I took care of my mom after dad passed on. Each year, I publish an article in the newspaper in memory of my mom because I profess what my mom lived by “The GR Rule.”

When she was in the hospital years ago they use to put a bracelet on your wrist and asked your religion. Mom said GR. The nurse asked her what religion that was. She said God’s Rule – GR.

The Golden Rule religion “Do Unto Others as you wish them to do unto you.”

That is how my mom lived her life.

She was a very caring mother and did the best with what she had. She would always help our neighbors and she kept all of us happy.

Marilyn Lichtenberg

West Milford

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