Wounded cat is healed Pet of the Week

West Milford — When pets arrive at the West Milford Animal Shelter, sometimes they are released and their names are known and sometimes they come because they have been lost and their names are a mystery.
If that is the case, sometimes their new name is a reflection of who they are.
A stunning gray cat arrived who had trouble walking and moving about. It was discovered he had a fractured pelvis.
He was named Disco because the volunteers wanted him to know that one day he would not only walk but dance.
His fractured pelvis has healed and he loves to dance right onto someone's lap and give high fives.
Pebbles is a small Jack Russell terrier mix who is tiny like a pebble with the dusty white and gray coloring of a pebble.
She loves going for walks and playing with toys.
For information, 973-728-2859, facebook/The Real Cats at WMASS and facebook/The West Milford Animal Shelter.