Signorino will run for mayor of West Milford

File photoLou Signorino will run for mayor.

By Ann Genader
WEST MILFORD — West Milford Councilman Luciano (Lou) Signorino announced to the West Milford Regular Committee Organization Chair Michele Dale that he wants the Republican support in running for mayor.
A new administrative official is needed to fill the seat held by the current township mayor when she officially submits her letter of resignation.
Mayor Bettina Bieri is selling her house, plans to resign as mayor and will move her accountant business to South Carolina to be closer to her family. Her decision to be near her family will leave a vacancy here for the position of mayor.
Signorino is also a former township council president.
He shared a copy of a letter he sent to Dale with the West Milford Messenger. In the letter, he said he is interested to be a candidate for the position of mayor.
“As you may already know, for some time now I have expressed my intention to run in next year’s election for that position,” Signorino said. “In light of Mayor Bieri’s recent announcement that she will be leaving soon, I thought it would be best to send you this letter sooner rather than later. I would humbly ask for your support in this endeavor and ask that you please consider me for the position of West Milford Regular Republican Candidate for Mayor should there be a special election this November or at the time of the Primary candidate selection process next spring.”
Signorino said in his letter that while serving as a Councilman, he has been effective in promoting a Republican viewpoint. He has served on many committees, including the insurance committee, facilities assessment committee, building standards board, planning board and heritage committee as well as on numerous other committees and sub committees.
“If successful, I pledge to continue that tradition in the position of mayor as well,” Signorino said. “I take great personal pride and interest in my duties and responsibilities as an office holder.
"I hope together with the West Milford Republican Organization, to renew again our mutual commitment as Republicans to working hard hand-in-hand for the betterment of West Milford.”
He concluded his letter to Dale by saying he appreciates time and consideration and looks forward to hearing from her.
Dale acknowledged receiving Signorino’s letter.
“As chairwoman of the West Milford Republican County Committee, I am pleased to say that we have received a lot of interest in being considered as the nominee if and when Mayor Bieri vacates her seat,” Dale said. “I also expect that we will receive nominations from elected members of the County Committee when we convene to discuss this matter and prepare to make our selection.
"A part of the County Committee person’s role as elected district representatives is to work within our communities to identify and present to the committee future Republican Candidates for office.
"Collectively, we will work to make the best selection for West Milford.”
Personally Dale said in her letter that she was taking the opportunity to thank Mayor Bieri for her years of service and she wished her the very best in this new and exciting chapter of her life.