Assemblywoman honors veterans

To the Editor:
One hundred years ago on Nov. 11, an armistice was called to end what was then the “War to End All Wars.”
The optimism of that cease fire – that the world would never again suffer from the horrible carnage witnessed in World War I -- never turned into reality. Since then, scores of wars, battles, and skirmishes have taken place around the world- costing millions of lives.
Throughout those countless battles, America came to depend on one thing to preserve our liberty and provide freedom for millions of people throughout the world -- the citizen soldiers; the ordinary men and women who have accomplished extraordinary things on battlefields from Normandy to Vietnam, from North Africa to South Korea.
Today we salute the commitment, the bravery, and the unselfishness of our American military veterans, who put their life on the line to protect peace at home and provide protection abroad.
The veterans are the embodiment of who we are and what we believe as a nation.
They stand and die for freedom. They defy tyranny; the defend the helpless, they stare down the bullies.
The debt we owe our military veterans is incalculable. We owe them more than can ever be repaid. Most of all we owe them our respect and our thanks
Thank you, veterans, for all you have done, all you are doing and all you will do for America in the future.
May God Bless you.
BettyLou DeCroce,
New Jersey Assemblywoman, District 26