Book details foreign policy evolution

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To the Editor:

Once again another Memorial Day has come and gone, with all the flowery speeches by politicians both at the national and local level, claiming that veterans fought and died to "preserve our freedom," that line, were it not so serious and tragic would be almost funny.

The hard, bitter truth that many don't want to face is that we were lied and tricked into war time and time again.

The current occupant of the White House is no different than his predecessors when it comes to pursuing a confrontational interventionist foreign policy. Despite claiming to be for "America First," Donald Trump is a pawn for the neoconservatives like John Bolton who are clamoring for a war with Iran regardless of the consequences.

Our Republic's founders warned against entangling alliances with the rest of the world, wanting only commercial trade but no military or political involvement with other countries.

For an excellent study of how our foreign policy was changed from the wisdom of the founders to what we have now, I would recommend reading The Failure of America's Foreign Wars, published by one of the top Libertarian advocacy groups in America, The Future of Freedom Foundation, (

Hopefully after reading it, people won't fall for government and media lies about war, history and foreign policy in the future.

Mark Richards,

West Milford

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