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Learn how to become a properly equipped macro photographer

Vernon. Look closely at the world around you. Acclaimed photographer Mike Moats will show you how in his April 13 Zoom presentation hosted by the Vernon Camera Club.

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| 22 Mar 2021 | 05:50

In the midst of the pandemic, staying close to home while enjoying photography is a challenge met by the macro style of photography. This method is growing more popular but does take some preparation.

The Vernon Camera Club will host full-time professional macro photographer Mike Moats for his presentation, “The Properly Equipped Macro Photographer,” at 2 p.m. on Tuesday, April 13, via Zoom.

Macro photography takes a close-up look at the world around us. It focuses on the small details, fascinating patterns, and interesting shapes found in those details. Being a properly equipped macro photographer is not just about the equipment, but also equipping yourself with know-how.

Moats’ presentation will cover the equipment needed for macro photography, how to control depth of field, composition, and subject matter.

Moats has been shooting up close since 2001. His interest in macro grew out of his love of outdoor activities and nature photography.

“It was another good excuse to be out in the woods,” he said. “Because I live in the metro Detroit area, which clearly didn’t offer opportunities for great landscapes, I decided to explore the macro world.”

Four years later, national magazines were publishing the hobbyist’s photographs. Today, Moats is an international award-winning photographer. Being self-taught, he understands the time and patience it takes to learn this specialized style of photography. He offers close-up/macro photography workshops and intensive macro boot camps. His online Macro Photo Club has 2,000 members from 18 countries and is designed to assist photographers with their macro goals.

The Zoom presentation is available via invite by contacting the Vernon Camera Club at Join this friendly group of photo enthusiasts of all levels for an annual $25 membership. The club explores interesting topics like this each month, along with fun photo assignments, constructive critiques, and meet-ups. Users of cell phones, point-n-shoots, and pro level cameras are equally welcomed.

About Mike Moats
Mike Moats is a native of Sterling Heights, Michigan. His work can be seen at Tiny Landscapes and on Instagram @ Mike Moats.
Recruited as a member of the Fuji Pro Talent Team in 2006, Moats was named a Tamron “Image Master” and a Vanguard Pro. He has won numerous local, national, and international awards.
Moats’ first book, “Tiny Landscapes,” was released in 2008. He has published four e-books. His how-to articles and images have been published in various magazines, including Outdoor Photographer, Nature’s Best Photography, Shutterbug, PC Photo, Nature Photographer, Photo Life, Whisper in the Woods, and Michigan Fish and Game Finder; in photography collections such as the North American Nature Photography Association’s (NANPA’s) Expressions book and the Pure Michigan tourism companion; and in various corporate collateral, including on the Tamron USA blog and in Fujifilm newsletters.
Moats also works with Hunt’s Photo & Video, which is a sponsor.