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West Milford. ‘Aunt Jenny’s Attic’ set for grand opening on Sept. 15

| 26 Aug 2021 | 09:50

In 1954, Aunt Jenny Baker organized the first rummage sale at the West Milford Presbyterian Church.

The rummage sale has continued annually for 67 years (except that year all of us want to forget).

Interesting fact is that it took Aunt Jenny and her volunteers a week to set the sale up. Now it now takes volunteers two months.

“We set up three buildings, three garages and outside areas,” Sandy Muzzillo from West Milford Presbyterian Church said in the press release detailing the opening. “We do enjoy the work because we get to see each other every day and we also get to meet a lot of nice people when they drop off their donations. We also get to laugh a lot.

“Now we have decided to enjoy this warm fellowship feeling all year by opening a thrift shop in our Parish House (the middle building,” Muzzillo added.

The grand opening will be held Wednesday, Sept. 15, beginning at 1 p.m.