The art of social distancing

West Milford. The children of High Crest Lake are participating in a neighborhood art movement to bring joy during this difficult time. Based on a similar undertaking in Spain, the kids create art on varied themes and put them on display throughout the neighborhood.

18 Mar 2020 | 03:59

One local neighborhood is finding a way to socialize without being too sociable in the face of the COVID-19 virus social distancing restrictions.

A High Crest mom started a share art in your window movement in the neighborhood.

Jennifer Lizza, one of the participants in the project, said it was inspired by Spain's #frommywindow movement.

The idea is for the children to find joy in creating art and then proudly displaying it for friends and neighbors to see when they are out for a walk (not in groups).

The High Crest neighborhood decided to do a different theme every week.

This week's theme was Saint Patrick's Day.

Lizza said about 15 children in the development took part in the first effort, and that number is expected to grow in the weeks ahead with the children out of school.

Lizza invites any other community in the township to join them in the project by contacting her on Facebook.