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Family honored for more than 100 years of community service

| 03 May 2018 | 11:13

    Four people who are lifelong volunteers in the Township of West Milford were honored at a recent council meeting.
    Ed Aldrich Jr. and his wife Stacia Aldrich and their son Ed Aldrich III were chosen as the West Milford Volunteers of the Year 2017 and Beverly Lujbli was chosen by former mayors of West Milford as the 2017 Mary Byrnes Haase Lifetime Volunteer recipient.
    Mayor Bettina Bieri, in introducing the Aldrich family, said they have given more than 100 years of volunteer service to the municipality and its people.
    Ed Aldrich Jr. followed his father’s footsteps and joined the Junior Fire Department at Company 6 when he was just 16.
    He joined the Navy and served in the nation’s military on a submarine out of New London. When he completed his term of service he started his Colonial Drywell local business.
    Aldrich became Chief of Fire Company 6 in 1981 and today is once again serving as chief.
    He was elected to the Township Council and during his four year term was Deputy Mayor.
    Stacia was active in the PTA and various township groups that her children were involved in when they were growing up.
    She works in the township tax office and is a certified tax collector. Stacia is a member of county and state tax organizations and serves her colleagues as their union representative.
    For 32 years Stacia has been an active volunteer on the West Milford First Aid Squad and is an EMT who teaches classes for others volunteers.
    Their son Ed had been active in Boy Scouting throughout his life and he followed his grandfather and father in volunteering to serve as a member of West Milford Fire Company 6. Since 2003 he has been an EMT in New York City and has already completed 20 years of volunteer service.
    Beverly Lujbli came to New Jersey from the Bronx NY in 1962 and worked at jobs in Hackensack and East Paterson.
    The family came to live in the township’s Tall Timbers community. As she was presented with her award by Mayor Bieri, Beverly was surrounded by her family. Among those with her were her son Eric, daughter Tanya and three grandchildren.
    “My mother lives and breathes volunteerism,” her son Eric said. “She has always been dedicated and everyone should appreciate that.”
    She has been a volunteer on the West Milford First Aid Squad since 1970 and has held various secretarial positions for the squad and serves as treasurer.
    She is well known for her dedication and service to others.
    Lujbli joined the West Milford Animal Shelter Society in 1975 and did more volunteer work.
    She was hired to work part-time with West Milford Animal Control Department Officer in 1979 and in 1984 became full time West Milford Animal Control Officer.
    _Ann Genader