Inside the farmers' garden

25 Jul 2018 | 04:41

Rose and Bob Wolverton have quite the resume when it comes to growing vegetables.
The successful part-time farmers used to tend 45 acres of land, picking massive amounts of sweet corn for their veggie stand. They're retired now, and decided to start a garden of their own. They converted the land surrounding their Hamburg, N.J. home into a neatly tended kitchen garden and greenhouse, lovingly referred to as “Wolvie's."
Today, the couple makes it a habit to visit the garden before each meal to find something special to bring to the table. Although they came from the industrial farming world, Wolvie's is green in more ways than one.
Rose and Bob grow countless herbs, beets, beans, tomatoes, and leafy greens organically, composting to keep the plants thriving.
This year, they installed a drip irrigation system and are exprimenting with compainion planting, plotting two unlikely plants next to one another to support the growing process.
Rose’s advice to those taking their first steps into the gardening world? “Don’t think of it as work, think of it as enjoyment.”
For the first time ever, Rose and Bob are inviting the public to visit their garden this Sunday during Dirt mag's 5th annual Kitchen Garden Tour.
A few last-minute tickets remain: