Macopin holds virtual NJHS induction

West Milford. Macopin Middle School inducted 51 students into the National Junior Honor Society in May on a ceremony held virtually due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

18 Jun 2020 | 10:52

Macopin School released a video presentation of its 43rd annual induction ceremony for the Thomas A. Kraft Chapter of the National Junior Honor Society on May 23.

Fifty-one students were inducted into this distinguished organization this year.

The purpose of the National Junior Honor Society is to promote high academic standards, to create a desire to serve the school and community, to develop character, and to encourage citizenship. Selection, therefore, is based on scholarship, leadership, service, character, and citizenship.

Scholastically, a student qualifies for the NJHS if he/she has maintained a cumulative GPA of 3.75 or better in the seventh and eighth grades. To determine if the students who qualify academically also fulfill the character, leadership and citizenship requirements, each student’s disciplinary record is reviewed, and faculty members are asked to comment on the student’s behavior with regard to leadership, honesty, cooperation, reliability, and ethics. Candidates are also required to complete a survey sheet in which they indicate their involvement in school and community activities and services during seventh and eighth grades. A letter of recommendation from an individual in the community is also part of the evaluation process.

Hayley Allwood
Carlos Banks
Meagan Barnes
Chloe Brijbag
Dominic Bufardeci
Athan Burke
Chloe Burns
Leksa Cardona
Julie Carlino
Melissa Comune
Isabella DeBonis
Madison Freideman
Lauren Frey
Hannah Garcia
Andrew Golas
Jilena Hass
Ashlyn Henzley
Colin Iwaszczuk
Annabeth Jones
Krista Keller
Sierra Koeppe
Daniel Krautheim
Samantha Krautheim
Nicholas Lombardo
Abigail Madara
Ryan McCook
Colin Menier
Leah Mora
Ava Murphy
Allison Oesterle
Jessica Orsino
Daniel Platt
Jessica Post
Brett Provenzano
Darren Provenzano
Summer Quinn
Mattie Ralicki
Skyler Ribitzki
Lilly Rodek
Tiffany Santa Lucia
Jennifer Scala
Jacob Schwarzlow
Kaitlyn Shuart
Rebecca Sledge
Allison Stein
Charlotte Storch
Noah Traverso
Madison Trout
Avery Vacca
Leyna Vilner
Connor Vogt