Paradise Knoll hosts ‘Earth Dome’ presentation

West Milford. Paradise Knoll students got a look at the "big picture" on Oct. 4 with the help of a large balloon representation of the planet.

11 Nov 2019 | 01:55

The Paradise Knoll School PTA presented its first Cultural Arts assembly of the year for students on Oct. 4.

The "Earth Dome", a gigantic inflatable balloon model of the earth, was set up in the school's all purpose room for student assemblies held throughout the day.

Grade-level lessons teaching Geography and environmental concepts, were presented inside and outside the earth balloon.

The Earth Dome stands 19-feet high and is 22-feet in diameter.

It's made of 24 huge panels that are silk screened with photographs of the surface of the world on cloud free days, taken from a satellite view.

According to Jennifer King, PKPTA's Cultural Arts Chairperson, the Earth Dome has been used extensively across the United States to educate students about Geography and environmental issues.

The Earth Dome presentation allows for up to nine half-hour assemblies in which 35-45 students (depending on grade level) and one teacher, have a presentation both outside as well as inside the balloon.

"They will see and better understand the scale of concepts such as continents, time zones, latitude, longitude, and more," King said. "Even major cities in comparison to the total earth will be recognized."

The topics are presented to each class at the appropriate grade level.

"Although the visit to The Earth Dome is just a 30-minute assembly," King said, "seeing and understanding the Earth as it appears from space, as opposed to painted globes or drawings, is an experience not soon forgotten."