Pet of the Week: ‘Diesel’ can purr like an engine

West Milford. “Diesel” can power a home with love.

12 Aug 2019 | 02:47

Meet “Diesel”, a ridiculously handsome young tabby cat.

At just eight months young, this bachelor is ready to find love.

The word "diesel" is often used to describe one who is muscular, strong, and attractive.

The shelter’s Diesel is all of that, and more.

He was recently released from a medical hold after recovering from entropion surgery (a procedure to correct an eyelid which folds inward, causing irritation to the cornea).

Shelter staff say that he is very happy with his improved vision and relief.

With comfort and confidence, Diesel is sure to share his newfound zest for life with one lucky family.

The shelter’s adoption fee for all cats is $35.

For more information about Diesel and the other cats of the West Milford Animal Shelter, please visit its Facebook page at