Scout Troop 151 offers its thanks

| 11 Jan 2021 | 01:21

Scout Troop 151, headquartered in the Oak Ridge Presbyterian Church in West Milford, ran a highly successful fund raiser on the third and tenth of January this year.

For a small donation - many gave more - the Scouts picked up Christmas trees from residents’ homes.

The trees were gathered in a central location and, on the final day of the event, were chipped by Dave Kershaw who transported the chipping to a local farm to be used as bedding.

Dave has generously volunteered to do the chipping every year the fund raiser has been run.

Troop 151 would like to thank all the wonderful people who gave generously to our Troop.

Money raised will be used to defray the costs of scouting for our youth members.

The Zemser family, who have an Eagle Scout with the Troop, have kindly allowed us to use their property to warehouse the trees before chipping. Randy Indoe is Scoutmaster of the Troop.

Many of the parents of Scouts assisted in picking up and transporting the trees.

Robert Ruth

on behalf of Scout Troop 151