The year in headlines from West Milford Messenger

Looking back at 2020, our editorial team sifted through a tumultuous year of stories. Here’s our year in headlines, including the editor’s favorites you may have missed, and some of our most-read pieces from 2020.

30 Dec 2020 | 10:53

    As New Yorkers head north, real estate booms in Orange County.

    2. ‘This is my community, too’

    Sabrina Jennings’ first-hand account about racism in her hometown of Warwick, N.Y. spurred countless letters to the editor.

    3. A look into the rare purple marriage

    In an era of ever-more polarized politics, these couples have found ways to live with their differences.

    Between public apathy and a stressed medical system, medical workers are left shouldering the burden of Covid-19 as cases reach new highs.

    5. Pandemic’s silver lining: a fitter lifestyle

    Some gained “the quarantine 15,” then shed “the Covid-19.”

    6. The mad dash to keep society functioning

    A story about the essential workers you don’t hear about, including a local funeral director who lost 25 pounds at the beginning of the pandemic due to a surge of COVID-19 deaths.

    7. Quarantine Dogs

    A look at the see-saw happening at local shelters throughout 2020: a surge of families stuck at home adopting dogs, contrasting with a spike in pet surrenders due to economic hardship.

    8. Police officer delivers baby on Route 23

    West Milford Police Department’s Amy Antonucci delivers a baby on the side of the road.

    9. Meet the people at the front of the front lines

    Often overlooked EMS workers, many of whom are unpaid and juggling full-time jobs, just want to help the community.

    10. ‘I experience it way more than I should’

    Local students speak out about racism in our community.