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West Milford. Dollar Tree project to open in West Milford continues to move forward

| 24 Feb 2021 | 08:01

With a stream that flows into Belcher’s Creek taking water to Greenwood Lake and the Dollar Tree rehabilitation plans for the former Belcher’s Run now known as Kingwood Flex located next to it, any potential safety and health concerns or issues are being addressed as development of plans for the site continue to progress.

The Township of West Milford Council has been asked to pass a resolution to slightly change an existing water discharge plan.

Correspondence and public notice from Dynamic Engineering and the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Division of Water Monitoring and Standards received by the township regarding the Belcher’s Run (Kingwood Flex) Dollar Tree building expansion and a proposed amendment to the Northeast Water Quality Management Plan (WQMP) requests a written consent statement from the local governing board in a form of a resolution in support of a proposed amendment to the WQMP.

The plan alters the West Milford Wastewater Management Plan to expand the Belcher’s Run Shopping Center Discharge to Groundwater (DGW) Wastewater Treatment facility sewer service area by 0.125 acres to include the proposed increase of square footage to the existing shopping center for the proposed Dollar Tree retail store.

- Ann Genader