West Milford. PTA’S, PTO’S and PTSO’s need family support

10 Sep 2020 | 01:49

    Following West Milford High School Principal Matthew Strianse’s “Town Hall” virtual information presentation on Wednesday September 2nd, the WMHS Parent- Teacher- Student Organization (PTSO) President Deb LaRusso briefly addressed the virtual meeting attendees to discuss the serious challenges that school support organizations are currently facing due to the Coronavirus Pandemic.

    These organizations provide significant financial support as well as planning resources for supplemental school-based educational, academic, and safety programs; cultural and environmental awareness events; substance abuse awareness and prevention programs, positive social-emotional experiences through fun and engaging group activities, Proms, Semi-Formal Dances, Activity Nights, Holiday events, after school clubs; community service projects and food-drives; school building and grounds cleanup and beautification projects, monetary and equipment donations for specific school needs, scholarships for graduating students, and so much more. But these supports depend heavily on memberships and fundraising events; which have been essentially halted by the pandemic.

    LaRusso said that special events and possible fundraisers for this year at the High School remain yet to be determined due to Covid-19 restrictions; but families can help now through signing up for a WMHS PTSO “Family Membership”.

    LaRusso said the WMHS PTSO’s Family Membership costs only $10 per family, of which, “every dime goes to fund Senior Scholarships.”

    The WMHS PTSO typically awards an average of four scholarships at $500 each to lucky Graduating Seniors, via a random raffle drawing held once per year. For each year of WMHS PTSO Family Membership, the high school student’s name is entered into the raffle for their graduation year. So families of incoming Freshman students could potentially have four entries with their student’s name on them (one entry for each year of family membership) for the scholarship raffle held their Senior year.

    LaRusso said the PTSO Family Membership forms will be sent to families soon. Once received, just fill out the form and mail it back to the High School (℅ PTSO Membership) with a check for the $10 annual Family Membership fee payable to WMHS PTSO.

    LaRusso said she will be looking into possibly adding an option for payment via Venmo, but that option is not currently available.

    For information about how to help PTA/PTO’s of other district schools, contact the school’s main office for information.

    - Patricia Keller