West Milford Schools Graduation/Promotion Updates

West Milford. The Class of 2020 will have a virtual graduation ceremony at the Warwick Drive In on June 18.

11 Jun 2020 | 11:40

    West Milford Township Public Schools Administrators have been working on several contingency plans for graduation and promotion ceremonies in the hopes that Coronavirus restriction mandates by the State of New Jersey would be lifted. But due to continued restrictions limiting crowd sizes, the district announced that virtual ceremonies will be held next week.

    West Milford High School Graduation

    The West Milford High School Class of 2020 will have a virtual graduation ceremony at the Warwick Drive In on Thursday, June 18, beginning at 8:45 p.m.

    In a letter to families of the Class of 2020 Graduates, district administrators stated: “The governor spoke about in-person graduation ceremonies starting July 6. In order to be compliant with the total of 25 people in total at any one outdoor graduation ceremony order, 52 ceremonies would be required. This is not practical or possible and is why we chose the drive-in.”

    The district has rented out the entire Warwick Drive-In facility in order to be able to fit the entire Senior Class together; safely and legally, in one place. They will have access to all three movie screens, and the drive-in’s concession stand will also be open to purchase snacks and refreshments.

    Graduates and family members will be mailed one ticket per car due to limited parking space capacity of the COVID-19 pandemic. Other specific requirements for social distancing and safety were sent to families of the Graduates. The drive-in is providing security and will be enforcing social distancing guidelines.

    The West Milford High School Class of 2020 will be the first in the school’s history to have a graduation ceremony at a drive-in movie theater.

    The pre-recorded virtual ceremony will also be broadcast on Cablevision Channel 77 and the high school TV Science YouTube Channel at 8:45 p..m for other family members and friends to be able to view. According to the district, the link for the YouTube Channel will be sent out prior to the ceremony.

    Macopin Middle School Promotion

    Macopin School will host a “wave parade” for the 8th grade class on June 17 at 6 p.m. at the school.

    Cars will enter Highlander Drive from Macopin Road and drive past the school, where the Macopin staff will be lined up along the front of the school so parents and students can drive by and say goodbye; and then cars will continue through and exit Highlander Drive onto Maple Road.

    - Patricia Keller