Work begins on Shop Rite parking lot improvements.

West Milford. Work is starting this week to improve the Shop Rite parking lot.

12 Aug 2019 | 12:55

Workers were on the job making improvements to the business parking lot at Union Valley and Marshall Hill Road first thing on Monday morning.

One of the workers said that the section they were working on in front of the anchor food/merchandise store was being enlarged by two feet.

He said this would add space to the current parking areas across the front of the shopping complex.

Mayor Michele Dale recently contacted the Inserra Company, owners of the parking lot and business complex, to inform them of problems shoppers experienced when they traveled to and front the parking lot, including parking and exiting their vehicles.

Expectant mothers and those with young children strapped in seat belts and senior citizens were among those reported to find the lot as it was configured problematic.

There also was trouble for the larger vehicles designed today having enough space with the lot as it was designed.