West Milford Police Blotter

31 Oct 2018 | 05:54

    The information contained in this Police Blotter has been compiled and released at the discretion of the West Milford Township Police Department and does not represent the entire scope of activity for the time period. However, in the spirit of transparency, the police department strives to release all information that can be released without compromising ongoing investigations or causing unnecessary harm to victims.

    Identity Theft Arrest
    Detective Eric Darnsteadt recently concluded a two-month investigation resulting in charges of theft and identity theft against 34-year-old Ringwood resident Bedi Zhuta.
    The accused used an elderly males banking information to pay his personal bills totaling over $11,000.
    Both charges are third degree crimes and the accused was released on a summons pending future court dates.

    Theft Charges
    On Oct. 17, Detective Michael Malfetti charged 55 year old West Milford resident Nona Einloth with third degree theft.
    During her time as the treasurer for the Gordon Lakes Property Association, the defendant is accused of stealing approximately $20,000 of member’s dues.
    The accused was charged on a summons and is awaiting her first CJP court date.