West Milford Police Department activity summary for July

05 Aug 2020 | 08:42

    The West Milford PoliceDepartment responded to 2,629 calls for service between July 1 and July 31, 2020.

    West Milford Police Dispatch received 2,634 9-1-1 calls.

    The West Milford Police Department also handled the following incidents:

    Alarms: 51

    Medical emergencies: 124

    Fire calls/alarms: 43

    Assist residents/welfare checks: 94

    Disputes/complaints: 181

    Animal incidents/complaints: 95

    Motor vehicle accidents: 67

    Motor vehicle stops – 93

    DWI arrests: 5

    Other arrests: 8

    The information has been compiled and released by the West Milford Township Police Department and does not represent the entire scope of activity for the time period.