Kristin Reeves

01 Jun 2018 | 09:55

Kristin Reeves is running in the Democratic Primary unopposed to pick the party's candidate for two open seats on the Township of West Milford Council. She is running under the slogan "Passaic County Democratic Organization."
We asked:
1. What do you see are the top five issues the Township of West Milford faces over the next four years?
2. What qualifications do you bring to help tackle them?
Issues most important"West Milford is a beautiful place that has location, location, location. How do we entice visitors to come, eat in our restaurants, shop and enjoy our hiking and biking trails? How do we make West Milford a destination?
I want to focus on expanding markets, thinking outside the box, that will take us into the future and work to streamline the process of opening a business in West Milford, thereby increasing our tax base and increasing property values.
This model has been used around the nation where, first, there was a challenge and now there is revitalization. Places like Ashland, Oregon and, more recently, Dubuque, Iowa.
I see tremendous opportunity in the Wallisch Estate (a willed property that belongs both to the town and the school board) to be put to use in a dramatic manner.
Leasing the property to small business.
Ideas for businesses include a Brewery or Distillery, Cheese-making, Farm-to-Table restaurant and even a temporary, seasonal Hostel for hikers and cyclists visiting our trails."
Transportation"Opportunity for a shuttle from local train and bus stations to get city dwellers to, what will become, a destination."
Signage"Uniform, town-produced signs that note where hiking trails are with distances and level of difficulty — to be developed with the help of the NYNJ Trail Conference. Similar signage for biking trails."
Hunting"In the past, there had been some discussion about a hunting lodge for those that enjoy that sport. I want to re-visit that."
Hillcrest School property"Next, the Hillcrest School property – Following through on the concept of leasing or giving the property to a nonprofit to create a community recreational center with a pool.
Skate park"Additionally, a skate park for both residents and visitors at Jungle Habitat or Browns Point.
Qualifications"As a former actor, I don’t think 'small.' I have never served in public office. I do have ideas and the tenacity to see things through. As Adjunct Faculty, I worked nine years to unionize the Adjunct Faculty at Bergen Community College and contributed to the first contract; getting the first language protecting the intellectual rights of adjuncts in NJ Community Colleges as well as defining the process and compensation for teaching online.
"I work as a facilitator with International KPMG employees focusing on business practices in the USA. At New World Pictures, I wrote the company manual that focused on medical insurance for Film Production.
"I am a caring, rabble-rouser. Calling for the March for Our Lives, West Milford that attracted almost 200 marchers in support of students to be able to go to school without fear.
"Secured April 26, 2018 as Gender Equality Day in West Milford — a worldwide event that seeks gender equality for both women and men. I am currently involved in promoting equal opportunity for girls and boys in our schools.
" I have raised my family in West Milford, Arden and Jayce Winant, and am married for 30 years to Bruce Winant. I am a hiker, gardener, cook, professional and have run a small country – a family. I don’t see in 'red' or 'blue.'
"I think West Milford deserves those that really have the concerns of West Milford FIRST in their efforts.
Biographical information1. How long have you lived in West Milford? 23 years
2. Are you a homeowner in West Milford? Yes
3. Your age? 63
4. Please list the elected offices you have held in the past and any elections you have entered prior to this one. What was the outcome of those election? Elected as Chair of AFT Local 2222, Bergen Community College