Marilyn Lichtenberg and Ada Erik

31 May 2018 | 10:36

Marilyn Lichtenberg and Ada Erik are running in the Republican Primary to pick the party's candidate for two open seats on the Township of West Milford Council. They are running under the slogan "Republicans Making America Great Again."
We asked:
1. What do you see are the top five issues the Township of West Milford faces over the next four years?
2. What qualifications do you bring to help tackle them?
Lichtenberg and Erik chose to combined their answers.
Lichtenberg & Erik:"We are writing to ask for your support on Row C in this 2018 Primary Election, and want to first communicate one the guiding principles of who we are as candidates.
One of our favorite sayings is 'People with good intentions make promises but people with good character keep them.'
Our first priority has always been to West Milford Township and it will continue to be our first priority when elected.
We have served the public for many years as dedicated Republicans and life long volunteers.
West Milford has many issues that we would like to address when elected to the Township Council.
First and foremost, we must instate a long term financial plan, something that unfortunately has been overlooked by the current council members, and has resulted in fewer services for your tax dollars.
After all, your municipal taxes are meant to provide essential services to the township, examples of these services include Road Maintenance/repairs/Garbage Collection/Police Emergency, and Fire service/Senior Services, and Community Services.
Without a combined effort to generate a budget that is inclusive of long range planning, we will continue to lose essential services while serving the taxpayer’s with a 0 percent tax increase.
As lifelong conservatative Republicans, and Marilyn’s experience as the CEO of RAD Development Corp., we believe we have the experience and dedication to institute these basic financial principal’s.
We will put West Milford first and work towards future fiscally responsible budgets that are inclusive of a long-range plan that provides the services that we expect from our tax dollars.
In addition to bringing our core Republican values of being fiscally responsible, we must address the many empty store fronts within the township with special attention to the Hewitt section of our town.
Saying you support local business, and actually making the changes necessary to attract business to town, is a commitment we will make to the township residents.
There have been many ideas over the years, however none have been instituted and we are committed to not only addressing them, but to making the changes needed to ensure our current business remain and the vacant area of the Hewitt section of West Milford is returned to its healthy state.
In closing, we may not be the most out spoken or self-promoting individuals, however we are dedicated to this town and will work to ensure we bring the basics of financial responsibility, and not just 'Talk the Talk' we are prepared to 'Walk the Walk.'
Vote Row C and bring back integrity and responsibility to the West Milford Council.
Biographical informationErik and Lichtenberg did not submit biographical information.
Both Erik and Lichtenberg, 69, have served on the town council before.
From Marilyn Lichtenberg candidate Facebook page: "Longtime resident of our township of West Milford. All three of my Children and I have graduated from West Milford High School. I have handled pots and pans as a mother, and plots and plans as a successful corporate CEO. I have also worked in our township tax and finance departments and became our first treasurer before I pursued my 45 year career as a real estate agent. I have been a previous town councilwoman for six years. I have always been involved in founding and organizing different youth, adult and senior programs in our township."
They have received the endorcement of Donald Trump supporters, including Congressional candidate Steve Lonegan.