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‘A very slippery slope’

| 30 Aug 2021 | 05:40

    This week it has come to my attention that two Warwick businesses have decided to take it upon themselves to put pressure on the unvaccinated.

    I will not name the businesses but you will find that one restaurant has a sign out front that states that customers must show a vaccination card or negative COVID test to eat inside.

    Let me begin by saying that they aren’t punishing me. I happen to be fully vaccinated because I was trying to protect my elderly parents.

    However, there is no way I’m showing anyone my card for any reason. It’s simply not your business unless you are my doctor.

    I will gladly take my money elsewhere. It’s as simple as that.

    The CDC has stated that the vaccinated can still contract and spread the virus so what exactly are you accomplishing?

    This is discriminating against people who can’t take the vaccine for medical reasons, already had COVID and have antibodies, people who are still having babies and aren’t comfortable taking a new vaccine and anyone else who just has decided that the risk is greater than the reward.

    That is their choice.

    Who are these business owners to impose these restrictions on them?

    Some may argue that a private business has the right to do this but here is the fundamental question: Where is the line between business rights and outright discrimination?

    The other Warwick business put out a help wanted post stating that a person must be vaccinated to work there. Again, what is being accomplished if the virus can still be spread by the vaccinated? It’s discriminatory hiring practices.

    Then there is the issue that the minority population is mostly unvaccinated, according to a New York Times article from Aug. 12, 2021. They say that around 72% are unvaccinated so who are these practices hurting the most?

    I’m not saying that this is the intention of any of these businesses but unintended consequences could be extremely detrimental. Creating a society where we have to show vaccination cards to be served food or get a job is a very slippery slope.

    I ask that these businesses reconsider their positions.

    While thinking that they are protecting people, they really aren’t and are just helping to divide our town.

    Tiffany Howell