If we don’t get this election right, be ready for a failed government led by socialists

Newton /
17 Aug 2020 | 12:09

    Most people who disagree with Trump’s policies do not disagree because he is wrong; they disagree because they hate the man. It is such a deep seated emotion that it blinds one’s ability to think logically. Trump is hated in Congress to the nth degree. He is not one of the good old boys, not a swamper and worse he calls out the swampers, regardless of party, for what they really stand for. These are our leaders who do not give a rat’s butt about the country but have become millionaires on a $175,000.00 a year salary. Their family members become rich and acquire executive positions or sit on boards of trustee due to their legislative parent’s or husband’s influence.

    You talk about when you opposed the Vietnam War. That’s your right but it wasn’t right when the opposers abandoned peaceful demonstrations while transitioning to rioting or burning their draft cards, fleeing to Canada, burning the American flag, burning down school buildings, (Trenton State College) to mention one. I’m sorry you couldn’t vote and could still go to war but millions under the age of twenty-one fought in WWII stopping Nazism, Fascism, fought and won in WWI and Korea without pause under the same laws. I lived under the same laws too. So please stop the crying. By the way this war started with John, F. Kennedy, was vastly intensified under Lyndon Baines Johnson, both of whom were democrats. It was ended by Richard Nixon a Republican. I consider myself a conservative independent who would vote for anyone, in my judgement, who would better America, regardless of party affiliation.

    I don’t care if you differ in opinion but let’s be sure your opinions are based on good facts. Your last statement said,” Trump and our government are failing us all, and America is losing its greatness”. Are you living under a rock? I’d like to enlighten you about his failings and loss of greatness as you call it! I would mention a few of his 289 noteworthy accomplishments (to October of 2018) 4 million jobs created, 400,00 manufacturing jobs, unemployment 49 year low, lowest Hispanic, African-American, Asian American, Women, and youth unemployment, 3.9 million Americans off food stamps, largest tax cuts, oil independence, US Mexico and China trade deals , strong military, veteran improvements and on and on. He accomplished it all while defending himself from five different unfounded investigations. I suggest you enlighten yourself and read the entire list. You may be pleasantly surprised. Of course, regardless of who occupies the office, the pandemic has altered the economy and of course Trump is blamed for that too.

    Speaking of the pandemic, what exactly do you want the administration to do? The man would literally be condemned even if he personally discovered the cure, for not doing it sooner. He adopted the travel ban, which saved millions of lives, and was called every name in the book by Joe Biden and other Dems, who later changed their tune. Joe Biden recently laid out seven things he would do differently from Trump regarding the pandemic. Hello Joe, they were already enacted. He made sure that companies produced ventilators that we needed and now we have so many we give them to other countries. He sent the hospital ships to the east and west coast. He constructed hospitals etc. He agreed to shut down the economy until it became obvious that we could destroy it completely. You can die from other things caused by the shutdown as easily as the virus. It is possible that we may have to live with the China virus as we do the flu. Do you suggest that the country stay quarantined forever? No one has a definitive answer. It is our responsibility as free Americans to be realistic and individually protect ourselves while using suggested guidelines. So stop criticizing the man for everything he does. Most of the time he is right!

    You are correct about one thing. We need to hold the haters and swampers accountable and vote them out in November. However, it can only happen if the Dems allow us to have a traditional election which is tamper proof. My God if you can go to the store, buy a bottle of booze, go to protests and casinos then you can certainly wear a mask and go vote! This is the most important election in history and we better get it right! If we don’t get it right, be ready for a truly failed government. It will be led by the so called squad and other socialists who are too stupid to see the true effects of socialism, which is well-illustrated by the total collapse of Venezuela. Unfortunately, you can’t fix stupid! You better get it right America especially if you have children and grandchildren. America as we know will cease to exist if you don’t get it right.

    David J. Togno Sr.