Gottheimer announces progress on bipartisan infrastructure bill

Paramus. Congressman touts $4.1 billion investment for transit in New Jersey.

| 05 Aug 2021 | 09:52

U.S. Rep. Josh Gottheimer (NJ-5) this week announced major progress on the bipartisan infrastructure deal, significant investments to improve and repair New Jersey’s infrastructure, and the need for the House to take up the bill for a standalone vote once it passes the Senate.

According to a new state-by-state Senate breakdown, the bipartisan infrastructure deal will invest more than $4.1 billion specifically in transit in the State of New Jersey. The package will also make critical investment in major projects, from roads to bridges, to helping finally get the Gateway Project fully moving forward, eliminate lead service lines and pipes, and expand broadband connectivity across Jersey and our country.

Gottheimer joined International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW Local 164), including many building trades, and local construction business owner Joe Sanzari to highlight how the bipartisan deal will create good-paying North Jersey jobs.

‘Create good paying union jobs’

“This bipartisan infrastructure package will help repair those crumbling roads on Route 17 and the bridge, clean up the lead coated pipes across our counties, lay new broadband fiber in Sussex and Warren Counties, and finally get the Gateway Tunnel project off the ground,” Gottheimer said.

“Not only is this bipartisan infrastructure deal going to help fix the crumbling bridges, roads, and tunnels around here,” said Dan Gumble, Business Manager for IBEW 164, “but it’s going to create good paying union jobs too. It is exactly the type of investment our community needs.”

Added Joe Sanzari of Sanzari Inc.: “The infrastructure is important to everyone in this country, first it’s the safety of our roads, next it’s the economy... so we need Washington to wake up and pass this bill as soon as possible... because it will put millions of people to work.”

‘Man, do we need the help’

“In Jersey, we have the third worst roads in the nation; more than 500 of our state’s bridges are structurally deficient — a third are in desperate need of repair,” Gottheimer said in his remarks.

“New Jersey’s public transit has been ranked the worst on time, causing endless delays and frustration. Parents are often late to work in the morning and miss bedtime in the evening.,” he added.

“Our critical tunnel connecting 20 percent of the nation’s GDP, between New York and New Jersey, is 113 years old and crumbling. China spent $3 trillion dollars on infrastructure outside of their country last year — and our streets are filled with cavernous pockmarks.

‘What Jersey wants’

“This bipartisan agreement won’t only fix our potholes and help cut commute times, invest in climate resilience and electric vehicle infrastructure, and make our day-to-day lives better. But it will also create good paying Jersey jobs in the process — including for members of IBEW and all our building trades. These investments will add, on average, around 2 million jobs per year over the course of the decade. Every single dollar in infrastructure investment can have as much as a $2.50 ROI on our GDP.

“This package is fully paid for and doesn’t raise taxes,” the congressman concluded. “That’s what Jersey wants. That’s what the country wants.”