Santa’s message for 2020: ‘Treasure each day’

15 Dec 2020 | 07:26

Visits with Santa

At a Mall or a Fair

Are not an option for kids

Much to Santa’s despair

He consulted his family

To find a resolution

And to his surprise

They had a solution

Setting up his computer

With a program called ZOOM

Would allow each child a visit

From his or her room

A one-on-one visit

Would really do the trick

In making a connection

With good Ole St. Nick

Then news quickly spread

Throughout the nation

And the children responded

With joy and elation

But don’t be surprised

He may not look spiffy

Visits to a barbershop

Still seemed a bit iffy

Though his hair is a bit shaggy

And his beard needs a trim

He’s healthy and happy

And glows from within

Rooftop delivery

Is what he’ll provide

Dropping off gifts

Without going inside

Then the elf on the shelf

Will give him a hand

In filling the stockings

Throughout the land

Throughout the years

Santa’s seen his fair share

Of wars and disasters

But it’s hard to compare

Having your own world

Turned inside out

Leaving worries and fears

Despair and doubt

His message to all

Is to treasure each day

Enjoy every moment

At work or in play

Make this Christmas special

Keep all you love near

And know things will be better

This time next year

Joan “Nana” Crean

Edinburg, N.Y.

Joan Crean’s daughter and her family live in West Milford. Nana typically includes a poem as part of her Christmas cards.