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The revival of the movies

| 04 Oct 2021 | 07:12

    To the Editor:

    I once read that the American movie industry ranked fifth of all industries in the U.S.! Movies and their making interested me from the age of five and a time I lived in Coytesville, part of Fort Lee in New Jersey, where silent movies first started, and later when my parents bought a house in Ridgefield and later Stockholm in Sussex County.

    In the New Jersey/NYC market, Joe Franklin did shows on silent movies on Channel 9. It perked my interest, but movies were always a big fun for me and I even wound up in one baseball movie that was shown in the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown.

    In any event, I talked to a head of a movie manager and she told me how movie cable stations had reversed the flow of movies at such stations first and hurting traditional movie and cinemas where it directly hurts.

    Movie houses seem to be fighting back. James Bond is back, and movie theaters are changing the rules like additional and unlimited smacks. As reported in the Wall Street Journal unlimited snacks are on in many theaters, and other ideas are on the horizon. I interviewed a theater manager recently and she had some great ideas in the work.

    Yeah, you sit in front of a big TV screen at home, but there is little ambiance like in a movie house. Get out!

    Bill Weightman