‘This work is truly the Scouting Spirit in Action’

07 Jun 2020 | 04:03

On behalf of all our fellow Den Leaders and Committee members, I want to express a huge thank you for all of you who donated to the Emergency Food Pantry drive over at the West Milford Presbyterian Church.

We raised more than $1,200.

Brian Bobrowski and his family spent the whole day food shopping and we are all thank them very much.

At 4 p.m. it was a quick get together of some of the leaders for food sorting. There was a lot of food here.

This act of kindness is an amazing gift that helps out our community in so many ways that each of us cannot even begin to imagine.

These are some of the hardest times that many families are facing and for us to come together and do this work is truly the “Scouting Spirit in Action.”

I am honored to be a member of this Our Lady Queen of Peace Pack and Troop 159’s family where we always come out and help.

Many thanks again and kindest regards.

Wayne Rowe