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Time is now to reverse the effects of climate change

| 01 Nov 2021 | 06:15

    To the Editor:

    I live in Florida due to a septic need in New Jersey. I worked in Trenton, which was 103 miles each way from my my house in Sussex County and I commuted to New York City for two PhDs. I saw both cities flooded, and Florida had hurricanes, so did New Jersey and New York.

    There is no doubt that climate change is going beyond take off status all over the world. Some say move to electric cars. I have one. A disturbing news item tells us that nations are trying to change data in scientific reports and continue to pursue the downward spiral of death and destruction.

    Leaks reveal Saudi Arabia, Japan and Australia asking the UN to play the need for fossil fuels to remain despite the danger ( Source: BBC), while other rich nations are questioning paying more to poorer states to greener technology! Just sickening, is it not?

    This will also have impact on the coming of the OOP26 Climate Summer. We know that nations must slow down climate change to keep global warning to 1.5 degrees. Does nobody know the temps of Alaska and Greenland? Take a look! We no longer can be mental and greedy eunuchs.

    The leaked documents from the UN add up to 32,000 submissions on bad ideas. I have friends in the Himalayas where there is little snow. Alaska has rising temps and little ice for polar bears. California fires are toxic. Algae are appearing in our Jersey lakes.

    We must change our ways greatly everywhere. As one person noted the need for electric cars, we need more than that. Time is of the essence!

    Bill Weightman