Black belt promotions held at karate academy

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:50

    VERNON-During the annual Shoryn Ryu Shorinkan Karate Camp, held on June 3, the Vernon Valley Karate Academy presented three of its members for black belt testing. The event, held at the Owego Camp in Greeley, Pa., spanned three days of intense training and evaluation The event determined if the skills and determination of the students were sufficient to warrant promotion to the prestigious black belt rank. A panel of instructors evaluated them, including, among others, Kyoshi Robert Herten, Kyoshi Chuck Ercolano, and Sensei Tom Shull. Promoted to the rank of Shodan, first degree black belt, were Michael Bell, Mark Benning and Ashley Duvelsdorf. Shull, owner and head instructor at the Vernon school, commented, "All of my candidates rose to the occasion, and made me so very proud. After years of preparation and commitment, these students found that they have what it takes to achieve the coveted rank of black belt. I praise their commitment, devotion, spirit, and strength." The karate association, which represents one of the most respected martial arts styles, has schools located in many countries throughout the world.