Chris Harford’s Band of Changes has a familiar look

Stanhope. Chris Harford will play The Stanhope House on Aug. 7 with musicans that are familiar to him.

| 22 Jul 2021 | 03:47

Chris Harford’s Band of Changes doesn’t always change so much, after all.

When Harford brings his band to The Stanhope House summer parking lot series on Saturday Aug. 7, he’ll be joined by a couple of musicians that have long histories with the front man.

Taking the stage with Harford (guitar and lead vocals) at the legendary music club are Matt Kohut on bass and Scott Metzger on guitar, as well as Joe Russo on drums. Russo and Metzer are also members of Joe Russo’s Almost Dead band. This same line-up also had a legendary tour of Europe back in 2008, playing for packed houses so as Chris has said, “we are all looking forward to taking the stage together again at the Stanhope.”

The Stanhope gig is the third and final stop of the band’s “massive three-show tour,” Harford says with a smile, but the only one with his longtime band mate Kohut on bass.

They’ll be featuring selections from Chris’ epic release, “Songs for the Antediluvian,” as well as from his entire Band of Changes back catalog. The record “Songs for the Antediluvian” features the same line-up that’ll be appearing at The Stanhope House.

Harford would agree that his music runs the gamut, from folk to rock, quiet and loud, to ... well, whatever has his fancy on a given night.

Things do often change in the world of the Band of Changes though. Harford could be playing solo himself, or as a duo, or as will happen in Stanhope, in a full blown rock band. Harford sizes up the gig and invites musicians he has relationships with to form the best show possible. Many of these musicians have their own notable history or are players he has met along the way, some of whom have gone on to form their own bands with success. Thus, in a sense, Harford’s Band of Changes features an all-star cast for every show.

The Stanhope House is located on Main Street in Downtown Stanhope. For ticket information to this show and others at the club, visit