Design a Halloween costume using household items

| 22 Oct 2012 | 10:34

Ghosts, goblins and even princesses will soon roam the streets in search of candy. Are your ready?

Halloween is right around corner, but there is still time to create a costume using everyday items found in your home.

Duck tape, cardboard boxes and balloons can all serve as tools in creating your scary, fun or cute masterpiece.

Duck tape

Bumble Bee: Dressed in black tights or pants and a black T-shirt, grab a roll of yellow duck tape and place stripes across the torso of the shirt to create a bee design. For the wings bend a coat hanger in the shape desired and cover with a black garbage bag.

Super Hero: Using a blank T-shirt, use a roll of duck tape in any color and cut strips to create an "S" to place on the front of the shirt. For a cape, grab a bath towel and tie around neck or attach to back of T-shirt.

Cardboard box

Rubix Cube: This actually can be any box shaped item such as a box of nerds or bar of soap. Using a cardboard box, large enough to fit your torso from neck to just above your knees, cut out a hole on each side for your arms and keep the bottom side and top sides open for your legs and head. Adhere a strings to the top of the box to create straps for your shoulder to hold the box up and then decorate the box in your desired pattern.


Grape: Blow up balloons in purple, green or red, depending on your desired color and adhere each balloon to your body to resemble a grape shape.

Bubble Bath: Similar to the grape design, blow up white balloons to adhere to your body. Using a large bucket, cut our two holes for your legs and attach two strings for straps. Complete the ensemble with a rubber duck or sponge.

Toilet paper

Mummy: The classic costume, grab a roll of toilet paper and wrap your entire body, making sure to wrap your limbs separately to move.

Jelly fish: Attach long strands of toilet paper to the tips of an open umbrella to create tentacles.

Cereal boxes

Cereal killer: Adhere cereal boxes to your body and stick plastic knives into each box.

Grocery bag: Cut out two holes at the bottom of a brown paper bag from the grocery store for your legs and pull up to your waist. Or use a card board box for your waist. Then attach all sorts of grocery items such as cereal boxes, spaghetti boxes, egg carton and more on your torso.