Junior Zookeeper Day tradition continues at Space Farms

Wantage. About 100 children and parents delighted in experiencing the “wild side,” learning about the snakes of New Jersey, watching goat races, and watching the big cats chow down.

| 18 Jul 2021 | 06:38

Everyone wanted a front row seat when Parker Space and WSUS radio personality Steve Andrews entered the Space Farms snake pit.

The stoic Andrews mingled with black snakes and gray rat snakes, cottonmouth moccasins, and corn snakes. He tried to suppress his uneasiness as three snakes wrapped around his neck.

Parker elaborated on several of the snakes and their habits. He also displayed a rattlesnake. The local rattlers came from Sunrise Mountain, right behind the farm, he said.

Venomous snakes should not be messed with,” said Parker. “They don’t strike unless provoked.”

About 100 children and parents delighted in experiencing the “wild side” on Saturday, when the 24th Junior Zookeeper Day unfolded at Space Farms under the tutelage of Lori Space Day, Parker Space, and Hunter Space. The day of learning began with an opening ceremony and continued with hands-on learning experiences. At 3 p.m., all participants were awarded their Junior Zookeeper certificates.

Participants watched as the La Mancha goats, who have funky stunted ears yet full hearing capacity, raced. Hunter Space wowed the Junior Zookeepers when he invited big cats to chow down during the carnivore feeding.

Lori Space said Tiger Lily, an adult Bengal tiger, still loves a bottle of milk.

“It’s a treat for her,” said Space Day. “She also loves ice cream. It’s beneficial for us as well. Because of these surprise treats, she’s much more open and cooperative in taking medications when needed.”

After coming certified , the Junior Zookeepers continued to explore.

Space Farms and Museum is open daily. For further information, call 973-875-5800.